The 8th WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2020

8th WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2020 will be held from September 6 to 21, 2020. For the first time the Competition will be conducted in a hybrid format, which implies a symbiosis of a remote format and online technologies.

WorldSkills Russia National Competition takes place annually within the implementation of the federal project “Young professionals (raising competitiveness of professional education)” as a part of national project “Education”. WorldSkills competitions are organized among the students of vocational educational institutions, higher educational institutions and schoolchildren aged from 16 to 22 years and WorldSkills Juniors aged from 12 to 16 years.

In 2020 the Competition organizers are: «Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)», the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Government of Kemerovo Region and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). More than 50 largest companies representing different industries are sponsors and partners of WorldSkills Russia National Competition.


The winners of regional selections in most skills will immediately become competitors of the National Competition, bypassing qualifying selections. Thus, there will be more competitors, and more than 2800 competitors from all 83 subjects of the Russian Federation, including WorldSkills Juniors and foreign competitors. In comparison, there were 700 competitors at WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2018, and there were 1500 competitors at WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2019. The expert community will be represented by more than 1100 best experts.

Students and schoolchildren will compete in more than 130 skills. WorldSkills Russia National Competition will become the biggest skills competition over 8 years of the movement. The skills competitions are divided into 7 skills sectors:

− Construction and Building Technology;

− Information and Communication Technology;

− Creative Arts and Fashion;

− Manufacturing and Engineering Technology;

− Social and Personal Services;

− Transportation and Logistics;

− Education.


WorldSkills Russia National Competition will be held at the venues of regional educational institutions, specialized excellence centers and interregional skills centers. Chief Experts and Deputy Chief Experts will observe the Competition and control the compliance with the Competition rules in real time.

Competitors’ performance will be assessed with the help of the remote format and online technologies. The assessment system will be divided into several stages. Test projects will be assessed in a home region or by the means of visual monitoring with a remote access. Test projects that cannot be assessed remotely, will be sent by express mail to Competition management center in Kuzbass.

Competition conference programme will be held for the first time in the remote format. Leading professionals and experts of Russia will discuss the framework for skilled professionals training. The programme of the sessions will include discussions on the following topics: workforce training standard, collaboration with WorldSkills Russia regional coordination centers, new skills development, demonstrational examination in accordance with WorldSkills Russia standards, implementation of early career guidance project for schoolchildren “Ticket to the future” and other WorldSkills Russia activities.


Besides, WorldSkills Russia will remotely organize a special Try-a-skill programme for the visitors on the platform “Ticket to the future”. Anyone can take part in a virtual tour and try their hand at skills with the help of online activities: game simulators and interactive tasks from mentors. At the same time, career guidance tests will be broadcast in Russian schools. Online Technology lessons will help schoolchildren to get acquainted with different skills and try themselves to complete several simple skill tasks.

Official Opening Ceremony of WorldSkills Russia National Competition will be held on 6 September, 2020. Awarding of the winners will be held in stages in online marathon format based on each skills competition completion. Within the Closing Ceremony the results of the medal count will be announced, and the regions that have conducted the highest quality competitions at their venues will be marked.

Everyone willing to watch the Competition online will manage to do it from anywhere in the world.