VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition started with a new achievement for Guinness World Records

On September 6, 2020, Moscow hosted the Opening Ceremony of the VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition. All participants of the Ceremony greeted each other online and offline with the world famous high five gesture as a symbol of hospitality and friendliness of Kuzbass, the official Competition venue. Thousands of people from different regions of Russia and countries of the world took part in that flash mob. As a result, the longest online chain of “High five!” with 5069 participants, a new achievement has been made for Guinness World Records. The official representative of Guinness World Records has recognized live the new world record.

The WorldSkills Russia National Competition has been held annually since 2013 and it is the most significant Russian Competition in professional excellence. The Competition is held within the framework of the national project “Education”. In 2020, more than 2,800 competitors from all over the country, as well as 26 countries, will take part in the Competition. This year WorldSkills Russia National Competition will be the largest event ever held.  

 “A breakthrough for Russia is the main national goal today announced by the President of our country. And you, young people, are performers, able to reach heights and promote this national goal, – said Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova in an online greeting to the competitors of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition. – This is the year of the pandemic, when everyone has faced unprecedented restrictions. But we have not just decided to hold the National Competition, but we are holding it with a large number of competitors: there are 2,800 of them today.” 

The Opening Ceremony of the VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2020 could be watched via an online broadcast from anywhere in the world.

“I want to wish all competitors: you are already winners, you have already won your regional competitions, you are the best from your region. Show your professional excellence so that to win this Competition, which means that you can have a chance to get into the National Team. And those who will not be able to win this Competition, you should understand: any Competition gives you skills, knowledge and acquaintances,” – said Robert Urazov, Director General of WorldSkills Russia.

As part of the VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition, online and offline competitions will be held in 129 skills, for Juniors in 71 skills (1 more skill competition was held offline in March 2020) in 7 skill sectors: Construction and Building Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Creative Arts and Fashion, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Social and Personal Services, Transportation and Logistics, Education.

Singers, Sergey Lazarev and NAZИMA, performed at the Opening Ceremony. Due to the online format, it has been possible to tell about the history of Kuzbass as the host region in the video tour conducted by famous people born on this land: actor Vladimir Mashkov, actor and director Yevgeny Grishkovets, TV host Vadim Takmenev. Oleg Gazmanov‘s song “Kuzbass”, which accompanied the Opening Ceremony, is the unofficial anthem of the region.

Sergey Tsivilev, the Governor of the Kemerovo region addressed to Competitors: “Kuzbass has been preparing for this Competition for two years. We are a very powerful industrial region. 40% of our economy is coal. Coal employs metallurgists, transport workers, engineers, practically every citizen of Kuzbass is associated with coal mining. As the Competition Organizer, the Head of the region, I can say that the region has been prepared for the Competition very well. We are ready and technically prepared to conduct all the Competition stages online, and the venues are ready as well. We have attracted some of the best experts to work at this Competition. We want to show our Kuzbass to everyone, a wonderful, beautiful, developing region where there are opportunities to study and work.”


The Conference programme of the VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition will be held for the first time in the remote format live streamed with augmented reality, webinars and online discussions. This website will become the base platform for the Conference programme events

The platform was developed especially for the event visitors. To organize its work, popular bloggers were attracted, who will conduct various online challenges to guide visitors through all the Competition activities, offer to watch videos, visit the website of the project “Ticket to the Future” or visit the WorldSkills Russia virtual stand, where you can get acquainted with the projects of WorldSkills Russia.

The VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition will end on September 21, 2020.


Organizers of the event in 2020: the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Kemerovo region, WorldSkills Russia, ANO “Agency for Strategic Initiatives” (ASI). More than 50 major companies from various industries acted as partners and sponsors of the National Competition.