Early Vocational Guidance Project

“Ticket to the Future”

The “Ticket to the Future” project on early vocational guidance implemented for students of grades 6–11 of general educational institutions in different territorial entities of the Russian Federation was developed to raise awareness of schoolchildren in the choice of their professional activities.

Participants of the Project go through a 3-stage testing, selection and participation in practical activities aimed at professional orientation in skills in accordance with promising areas of economic development of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation. The projects facilitates the formation of students’ individual professional development trajectories based on participation in practical activities on vocational guidance and a list of activities of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation relevant for each skill included in the project.

Industries and qualifications, including Worldskills competition skills and future skills were chosen in order to organise practical activities for the vocational orientation of students in grades 6–11. These events were held on the territory of vocational educational institutions, organizations of supplementary education for children, centers for youth innovation creativity, and other sites that have equipment for the declared project branches.

 In 2018, an online platform for the “Ticket to the Future” project was created and put into operation.

As of December 31, 2018, 251,595 users were registered on the “Ticket to the Future” project platform; more than 100,000 schoolchildren took various professional tests and received recommendations on how to form their individual trajectories of professional development.

Vocational guidance festivals were held in seven regions of the Russian Federation, along with professional tests in 34 territorial entities and 4 partner organizations, such as Roboclub, Robotrack, Masterslavl, and Skyeng.

An all-Russian competition in professional guidance activities for students was organized within the framework of the “Ticket to the Future” project. The aim was to find and replicate effective career guidance practices, to form an expert community from among mentors. In total, there were 486 works from 58 regions, out of which 163 best practices have been recommended for inclusion in the project programme.

The project is designed for the period up to 2024. In 2019, at least 200 thousand children will receive recommendations on how to build their individual curriculum in accordance with the chosen skills, and by 2024, the figure will reach 900 thousand children.