Future Skills is one of the priority initiatives of the Union “Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)” aimed at advanced personnel training. The demand for the “future skills” is growing every year, mass training in these areas can be a challenge for education and industry in the short term. The Future Skills – a block devoted to advanced personnel training for high-tech production and transforming economy – is aimed at solving this task.

The project objectives:

  • Conduction of a research and development of a coherent agenda for personnel training in new skills;
  • Design of competitions for new skills in new formats;
  • Development of educational programmes according to WorldSkills standards with the possibility of further international recognition of skills.

According to the results of conducted studies, since 2015 profiles of more than 20 skills in the field of information technology, manufacturing and engineering technology, transport, medicine, agriculture, creativity and design were developed and tested.

Since 2017, together with educational organizations and technology partners, the development of educational programmes and personnel training in the future skills has begun. In 2018, the Union presented an online course called “Future Skills Navigator”, which allows you to navigate the existing skills and educational programmes in the professions of the future.

Future skills will be presented to the WorldSkills member countries in August 2019 at the WorldSkills Competition Kazan 2019.

The first competitions in the framework of the WorldSkills Competition with the participation of foreign competitors will be held in the following skills:

3D Prototype Modelling

Agricultural Biotechnology

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Blockchain Technology

Composite Technology

Enterprise Information Systems Security

Industrial Design Technology

Industrial Robotics

Internet of Things

Machine learning and Big Data

Mobile Application Development

Quantum Technology

Reverse Engineering

UAV Operation

Information Modeling Technology (BIM)

Digital Manufacture

Digital Farming

Neural Interface Design

Digital Designer

Robotized Welding

Lise-cucle Managment / Program Managment

Minerals Synthesis and Cutting

Laser Technology

Space Systems

Future Skills will also be included in the 7th WorldSkills Russia National Competition, pavilion F.