Russian Deputy Prime Minister visited the 7th WorldSkills Russia National Competition in Kazan

Tatyana Golikova learnt about the Future Skills and met the participants of the retraining program according to WorldSkills standards for people nearing retirement age.

At the Future Skills pavilion, the Prime Minister was demonstrated a reverse funnel made for the coal industry. Due to sanctions, buying such equipment became difficult – delivery time is just over six months. However, the experts in Reverse Engineering found a solution. They made the exact copy of the previously imported model. According to Alexei Rekruta, expert in Reverse engineering, the need for professionals of such profile in the industry grows every year. In addition, reverse engineering technology is a new approach to engineering education, which is much closer to the modern youth.

According to Sergei Volkov, expert in Information Modeling Technology (BIM), nearly one tenth of all people employed in the construction industry are specialists in information modeling technology. Using BIM- technology can significantly reduce design time and simplify maintenance of finished buildings. There is a huge demand for this skill, also among currently employed civil engineers. They need new skills to stay sought-after.

Today retraining and advanced training are the most important things. Professionals of all ages are trying to gain additional skills. Within the framework of the “Older generation” federal project the Union “Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)” began retraining people nearing retirement age. Program participants can register at , then choose one of the 116 skills and enroll a free training according to WorldSkills standards.

Tatiana Golikova also met the first graduates of the “silver” age. Twenty-five participants finished their training in Preschool Education (family education, tutor) at the Kazan Pedagogical College and passed the Demonstrational Examination.

Elsa Sadykova, head of the kindergarten number 402 in Kazan told the Deputy Prime Minister that after the training she is planning to establish an Assistance Center for Young Families based at the kindergarten. Nowadays many parents raise their children without grandparents – thus, qualified specialists can come to the rescue. The parenting nice has not yet been occupied and mature professionals with years of experience can work effectively and tactfully. Training according to WorldSkills standards can help these specialists stay in their profession for longer.

“Professional development is always entertaining. We do not want to be “people nearing retirement age.” We are people with an active lifestyle and a great experience. We have the passion, we can do a lot and we do not want to leave the pedestal of social activity!” said one of the program graduates to Tatyana Golikova.

Svetlana Polyakova, director of a boarding school for children with disabilities sent five of her colleagues, including her deputies to finish the training. Now, the boarding school’s team has many new plans.  

“We are working with orphans, troubled children, foster families. In the future, we plan to provide resident tutors to families with children that need help of professional speech pathologists. We liked learning, we learned a lot. We became particularly interested in IT-technologies. This knowledge allows us create interactive games, slides, didactic materials, which are very useful in our work,” said Svetlana Polyakova.

Program participants thanked Tatyana Golikova for a brilliant opportunity to acquire new knowledge and make new plans. Some have not told even their children about their projects – the Deputy Prime Minister was the first person to find out news. Saying goodbye to program graduates Tatiana Golikova promised that the entire country will learn about these people with an active lifestyle from Kazan.