Tatyana Golikova: Thanks to the WorldSkills movement, we became closer to finding a solution for training highly qualified personnel

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia checked on the preparations for the WorldSkills Competition Kazan 2019 to be held from August 22-27, 2019. 

Tatyana Golikova examined the competition venue – Kazan Expo IEC, visited the WorldSkills Village, took part in the opening ceremony of the final countdown to the start of the WorldSkills Competition Kazan 2019 and held a meeting of the Organizing Committee. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation claims that the activities of the Union “Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia) have changed a lot in the VET system. 

Thanks to the WorldSkills movement over the past 7 years we became one step closer to solving the issue of training highly qualified personnel. Preparations for the WorldSkills Competition made a significant contribution into the development of the VET system in Russia. A series of competitions launched in all regions of Russia allow more than 40 thousand competitors compete in almost 150 skills annually. The demand for VET qualifications has increased – the proportion of students who choose colleges has increased from 42% to 59% in 2013. There is an increase in the share of employment of skilled workers from 55.5% in 2017 to 61.8% in 2018. A modern training infrastructure has been created, said Tatyana Golikova at the meeting of the Organizing Committee. 

The Deputy Prime Minister believes the Union’s experience will be used in the implementation of a special retraining program for people of pre-retirement age. The topic is currently extremely important for Russia and the program will be launched this year. 25 000 adult specialists will be retrained in accordance with the WorldSkills standards. 

According to Golikova, this year’s priority task is to hold the WorldSkills Competition Kazan 2019 at the highest level. The event will be unique, as the WorldSkills Russia initiatives FutureSkills and JuniorSkills – will be presented to the international community for the first time. 

“The competition will feature a separate platform Future Skills. This is where all competitors and guests of the event will get a chance to see what skilled jobs will be like in 5-10 years, which skills will be in demand. Our second initiative is to host the JuniorSkills Competition. Many processes are now automated, and children can master complex activities much earlier. Therefore, it became possible to hold competitions also among 14-year-olds. Other member-countries also demonstrate great interest in this, said Robert Urazov, Director General of the Union “Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia). 

About 250 thousand people are expected to visit the WorldSkills Competition Kazan 2019 and related events, which is one and a half times more visitors than at the competition in Abu Dhabi. According to Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, the country has a great experience in holding large-scale international forums. Therefore, Tatarstan will gladly welcome such a huge number of guests. “Today we showed that almost all issues have been resolved. It takes a lot of preparatory work. I do not see any problems, everything is clear. We want all the young people from other territorial entities to come see this event. I want to thank all the federal structures, we have a full understanding and there are no unsettled issues left.” 

Overall, more than 60 countries will participate at the competitions, and more than 70 countries will take part in the Conference Programme. The national track is a separate part of the Conference Programme. More than 600 change leaders and project supervisors, responsible for professional training in the regions from all over Russia will unite into 50 teams to develop effective solutions for the national training and education system.   

“The national track of the Conference Programme is not just a classic discussion of personnel training-related issues. We will study the latest technologies and best practices, find a way to solve human resources-related issues, analyze what needs to be changed. 50 teams change leaders – will take this agenda to the regions, implement the experience gained at the competition at real colleges as mentors, said Robert Urazov, Director General the Union “Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia).”