The 7th WorldSkills Russia National Competition will be held on the same venue as the WorldSkills Competition 2019, where the best national teams will meet in just about three months.

At the WorldSkills Russia National Competition, we will not only check the readiness of the new Kazan Expo International Exhibition Center, but also test our strength, the candidates for the national team. We have to defend the title of a world champion that we won two years ago in Abu Dhabi.

66 countries have already applied for participation at the 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan. As a comparison, there were 63 countries at the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi. The number of registered competitors is 30% higher than at the competitions in the United Arab Emirates — 1,630 (against 1251). This proves that there is a growing interest not only in the development and promotion of skilled jobs, but also in advanced methods for personnel training.

We are ready to share our experience. This year more than 150 foreign competitors, numerous foreign experts and delegates will gather at the WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2019. They have great interest in learning about our best practices.

In turn, we will present a large number of digital and technological innovations that will once again emphasize Russia’s role as a carrier of the world’s best educational practices in the field of professional skills. The WorldSkills Russia National Competition will demonstrate our current level of readiness.

Dmitri Peskov, Director of «Young Professionals» Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Special Presidential Representative for Digital Development