“Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) National Competition Final is the most large-scale professional skills competitions by WorldSkills Russia standards tailored to students of secondary vocational educational organizations aged 18-22.

The fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition is organized by the Union "Agency of Development of Professional Communities and Skilled Workers" (Worldskills Russia), Government of Krasnodar Region, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, as well as Volnoe Delo Oleg Deripaska Foundation. The Governor of Krasnodar Region Veniamin Kondratiev heads the Competition Management Team.

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On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation, I welcome all the competitors of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition!

WorldSkills Russia movement is becoming more and more popular in our country. At the first competition in Tolyatti back in 2013, we had only 306 people, and now in Krasnodar at our fifth National Competition there are four times more specialists – about 1200.

The geography of competitions has considerably expanded, the number of skills has increased, and the level of training has remarkably grown. Our domestic TVET system has also developed to a significant extend thanks to the WorldSkills movement.

Last year our National team has won the first place at EuroSkills in Gothenburg. I wish to all the competitors of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition the same will to victory, confidence in their strength, concentration and determination that they demonstrated in Sweden. Good luck!

Olga Golodets
Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

Dear friends,

Over the years the WorldSkills Russia Competition has gained popularity among young people and became an integral part of the TVET system in Russia. The introduction of best training practices provides the necessary level of competence among specialists and supports Russia’s economy.

Thanks to the unrivalled experience of competitions young people are given an opportunity to improve their qualifications and students of educational institutions get to know different professions, which allows them to make a conscious choice of their future specialization after graduating.

I wish the competitors and guests of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition to find bright solutions to the non-typical and challenging Test Projects, success in achieving their goals and what is important – an atmosphere of friendly competition, where competitors can show their skills and talents.

Vasilyeva O.

Dear all

I welcome all the Competitors, Experts, Delegates and Guests of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition!

The Competition is gaining momentum in Russia, becoming a significant event throughout many regions, and most importantly, providing our young professionals with an opportunity to prove themselves. I am glad Kuban has become a part of this grandiose event!

Vocational occupations have always been of great significance in Krasnodar Region. Now that we have started putting into practice investment projects and developing new industrial sites, we feel the need for young professionals ready to work in accordance with high modern standards.

In the nearest future, you will be working at the main industrial sites of our country. The level of your expertise will determine the next steps for development in Russia.

I wish good luck to all who have come this long way from the regional competitions to the WorldSkills Russia National Competition!

Veniamin Kondratiev
Governor of Krasnodar Region

Dear competitors, experts, colleagues and friends!

For the fifth time we are holding WorldSkills Russia National Competition, this time in our hospitable Kuban. A record number of people - more than 3 thousand competitors and experts will meet in Krasnodar. For the first time the geography of competitions has covered almost the entire country: 84 regions joined the movement!

We have grown not only in number, but also in quality. After holding series of regional competitions, where competitors were chosen according to their geographical location - federal districts, we have replaced them by semi-finals in blocks of skills. This allowed us to create equal conditions for all competitors, define the best of them as well as ensure fair assessment.

It is important that WorldSkills Russia competitions represent a high-class platform gathering professionals from all over the world to exchange their practices.

The winners of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition in Krasnodar will have the great honor to represent Russia in the international arena at future competitions.

I wish everyone to mobilize their knowledge and skills to the maximum and achieve the highest results!

Let the strongest win!

Robert Urazov
Director General Union “Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)”

Dear experts and competitors of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition 2017

I am glad to welcome you to the most ambitious skills competitions in Russia according to WorldSkills Standards!

Today, our country is more than ever interested in developing its own industry, providing enterprises with highly qualified workers. National competitions can help to solve this problem, as they contribute to early career guidance, raising standards of professional training as well as improving skills attractiveness.

The scale and geography of competitions is increasing every year. 84 regions have already joined WorldSkills movement in Russia. In four years, 236 regional competitions were held over the country. More than 40,000 students of TVET institutions participated at competitions, with 42,000 experts assessing their skills and another 1,400,000 visitors who came to see it. WorldSkills Russia National team honorably represents Russia both at world competitions as well as competitions held by European countries. All this testifies to the fact that the demand for skilled workers in our country is growing.

Yet there are many big plans ahead – WorldSkills Russia National team is to defend the honor of the country’s flag at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, then at EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest, and in two years at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Therefore, I would like to wish professional success, good luck and well-deserved victories to all the competitors of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition in Krasnodar!

Svetlana Chupsheva
Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Dear friends and colleagues,

This is only the fifth time we are holding the WorldSkills Russia National Competition, but over the past years we managed to go a long way that took decades to cover for others. Last year our national team performed at EuroSkills only for the second time and has won it, having outscored Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. This year our national team goes to Abu Dhabi to perform in all skills and it is also happening for the first time. Not all the countries can bring up so many well-trained competitors. The history of the WorldSkills movement has never witnessed such a rapid growth of national teams. The number of performing competitors confirms the quality and scales of training. We have not yet overtaken the winners and leaders of the world staff training systems but our government's concern and the team's desire to win is higher. Here in Krasnodar we are about to select competitors who will represent our country at the WorldSkills Competition Abu-Dhabi 2017. I wish good luck to all the competitors of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition. May you achieve the highest results!

Dmitriy Peskov
Director of the “Young Professionals” direction of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Dear participants of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition

Today training of highly qualified workers able to operate any equipment that will appear in the future is the main task for Russian business.

Each year the "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia) movement is gaining momentum in the country. Thousands of people representing a wide range of professions meet on this platform to compete, learn from experience and acquire new skills. By their enthusiasm and strive for professional development, the participants of the movement contribute to the development of skills and expertise in all production and service sectors of numerous business areas.

I would like to mention that schoolchildren, who happen to form our youngest "candidate pool" are also joining the movement. Three years ago, Volnoe Delo Foundation initiated a vocational training and career guidance programme for JuniorSkills students aged 10-17. During this period, our initiative has come a long way: in the 2016-2017 season, more than 3,000 children took part in 56 JuniorSkills regional competitions. This year at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi, we will present a pilot project of international competitions among schoolchildren, where representatives of many other countries also plan to take part. I am proud of the fact this initiative has been launched in Russia and what is especially important – it is well received all over the world.

I am sure the new "stars" of vocational occupations, who will promote the further industrial development of Russia, will light up at the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition.

I wish good luck to all the teams. Master your skills and gain worthy victories!

Oleg Deripaska
Chairman of the ‘Basic Element’ Supervisory Board
Volnoe Delo Foundation

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf, I welcome competitors and organizers of the fifth WorldSkills Russia National Competition. This is the fifth time we hold skills competitions in Russia. More and more young professionals join the WorldSkills movement; more and more school graduates choose TVET to build a successful career.

Russian economy needs highly qualified professionals and modern enterprises with innovative equipment. Therefore, through joint efforts, we conduct systematic work to promote vocational occupations and increase attractiveness of skills.

WorldSkills Russia National Competition is the largest event determining the development of professional training and career of a whole generation of young people.

I wish all the competitors to bring their talents to light and show the highest level of expertise!

Maksim Topilin
Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation





Winners of the team standings JuniorSkills

1 placeSamara reg.
2 placeUlyanovsk reg.
3 placeChelyabinsk reg.
1 placeTatarstan
2 placeMoscow
3 placeSverdlovsk reg.
1 placeTatarstan
2 placeSverdlovsk reg.
3 placeTumen reg.
1 placeNovosibirsk reg.
2 placeTatarstan
3 placeSverdlovsk reg.
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